How To Close An App In Windows 8

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to close an app in Windows 8. It was only yesterday when I was accessing the amazing apps of Windows 8. I opened all, worked upon them, however couldn’t find the way to close an app.

Initially you would be excited with launch of every app in Windows 8. But unlike other programs, it’s very difficult to close it.

Well..I struggled a lot closing the Windows 8 opened apps. Once I started researching, I found three different methods for closing a Windows 8 app. And, decided to share them with you. Hence, here is how to close an app in Windows 8.

Before we proceed further, also check out how to re-arrange and group apps in Windows 8.

Switch apps

Here Are Different Methods To Close An App In Windows 8:

Method 1: Task manager

one of the simple and easy way to terminate a task or an app. All you have to do is launch Task manager and click on end task.

How to Launch Task Manager In Windows 8:

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to launch task manager as in Windows 7 or XP.
  • Right click the on aero desktop and select task manager.
  • Open “Run” and insert task to launch the task manager.
  • You can use the short key Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Task manager

Note: You may be thinking of why not Alt + F4 to close an unwanted metro app, which we used to do in Windows 7 or XP. Then I would like tell you that, Alt + F4 won’t work with Windows 8 metro app. It only works with aero desktop. Neither the “X” would work for Windows 8 metro app.

Method 2: Click and Drag Method

Click and drag is also an easy way to close an unwanted metro app. All you have to do is click and drag an app from top of the screen to the bottom of screen. It will appear as if you are dragging a small icon up and down dropping it. But you are actually informing Windows that you need to end the app in process.

Method 3: Right Click and Close Method

The last method to close an app in Windows 8. Take the cursor to the top left corner and right-click on any unwanted app, you will see a “close” option. By clicking on Close will lead you to close your unwanted app in Windows8 operating system.

Right click and close

Go ahead and learn different methods to close a Windows 8 app. Try out now…