How to Rearrange And Group Apps In Windows 8

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to group apps in Windows 8 and how to rearrange apps in Windows 8.

The very new Microsoft’s Windows 8 has a complete different interface, the tiles one. Of course, everybody knows that th Windows 8 apps have been displayed in tiles with the Windows 8 Store located at the very first place. The other Mail App, Messaging App, Video App, etc. have been placed all┬átogether. However, you can rearrange apps in Windows 8, with shifting the required ones at the beginning.

In addition, you can also group apps in Windows 8 and create various categories such as all the games in “Games” group, fun apps in “Fun” group and so on.

The tiles interface is very catchy and attractive that has made millions of people to install Windows 8.

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If you want to rearrange and group Apps in Windows 8, just follow the below given steps. Bu before that, also check out our post on How To Sign-Out From Messaging App In Windows 8.

How To Rearrange And Group Apps In Windows 8:

How To Move Tiles and Rearrange Windows 8 apps:

  • Launch the start screen on Windows 8.
  • Click on the icon with lens symbol, as shown in picture below:

rearrange apps

  • Once, you click on the lens icon, you will get to see minimized form of apps.

rearrange apps 1

  • Then, you can easily click on any app and move or arrange it according to your choice.
  • You can change the position block of tile format apps.
  • Now, again click back on the lens icon, to see the repositioning of windows.

How To Group Apps In Windows 8:

  • To add group name on start menu, just right-click over block tiles.
  • Then, add names to tiles group as shown in the figure below.

rearrange apps 2

In short, you have successfully completed the task. Now, go ahead, rearrange apps in Windows 8 and group apps in Windows 8.