Holy Quran: Windows 8 Quran App

Holy Quran is a free Windows 8 Quran app available under the ‘Education’ category of Windows 8 store. This Quran app for Windows 8 is quite comprehensive that comes up with features such as includes audio recitation by Al Husari, transliterated Arabic, English translation, intuitive search functionality, and a simple to use UI.

In this Windows 8 Quran app, you can translate it to English or to Arabic transliterated that displays side-by-side with the original Quran text. You can perform searches in all the tree languages such as  Arabic, English, & transliterated Arabic according to the page number. There is an option to switch onto a different Quran page. Options like Sura and Jux comes up with a complete index that lets you head over to a desired Quran page. Also, you can read Quran in large or normal text size, anytime you can switch between the two sizes.

The interesting part here in this Quran Windows 8 app is that you can also play an audio that recites the Quran for you. Just click on the text of Quran that you want to listen and click on ‘Recite button, it will quickly start playing the audio. To translate it in a different language, just press ‘Win+C’ to open the Charms bar ? click on ‘Settings’ ? again click on ‘Settings’ option ? here you will find reading language option. Once you have selected another language, you will find Quran written in Arabic at the right side of the screen and English or other language at the left side of the screen.

Windows 8 Quran app

To Download Surah’s, just select the text of Quran (Arabic language) and click on ‘Recite Arya’ option and you will soon find the surah’s downloaded. Let me point out the main features of this Windows 8 Quran app below.

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Key Features Of Windows 8 Quran App:

  • Lets you read Quran in different languages such as Arabic, English, and Arabic transliterated.
  • Recites the selected text of Quran in front of you.
  • Lets you download Surah’s.


  • The translated text shows side-by-side with Arabic one.
  • Lets you search for where you want to head over in Quran.
  • Lets you search according to the page numbers.
  • It’s a free Windows 8 app.

How To Download Holy Quran In Windows 8:

  1. Go onto the Windows 8 store.
  2. Press ‘Win+Q’ combo to open the search bar.
  3. Enter ‘Holy Quran’ in the search bar and press ‘Enter’.
  4. Soon the app will be in front of you.
  5. Click on ‘Install’ to start installing the app.
  6. Soon your get notification that the app has been installed.

In short, Holy Quran is a nice application for those who are a regular Quran reader but somehow do not get time to read sit back and read the Holy Quran. Now, you can read it while working also. So, go ahead and download Holy Quran now.