History Digest App For Windows 8

History Digest App is a free history app for Windows 8 , prepared especially for you to make you familiar with the worldwide history. The app comes up with a brief description along with pictures belong to the history.

This Windows 8 history app includes unbelievable stories, global history and many more. Usually, the readers get bore by reading the history stories so this Windows 8 app is prepared keeping in mind the need of the reader which is informative as well as entertaining.

Features Of History Digest App For Windows 8:

  • It’s completely free.
  • Offers a complete set of history info
  • You can also view pictures related to history.
  • Enables you to change the font size.
  • Offers writer name along with a quick description.
  • Available in Windows 8 App Store.

History Digest App

Windows 8 History Digest App includes various articles about history like valley of golden mummies, the secret tomb of Bahariya, the adventures of Rudolf Festetics and many more. It also shows some pictures along with a description on the interface of History app. And you can even read some articles with a click on “Read More” option.

The best part of this Windows 8 History App is that you can increase the font size with a right-click on an individual article page. Another good part is that it shows the writer name along with an article due to which users can read more articles in a browser wrote by same writer.

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History Digest App is a good educational app for Windows 8 to find the events belong to the history. Go ahead and try this app available under the Spotlight category in Windows 8 App Store.