Hidden Object Game For Windows 8: Paranormal Agency

Paranormal Agency is a free hidden object game for Windows 8 and 8.1 in which you have to retrieve the stolen objects by a ghost and use them to do well for the people. When you run the game on your device, you will be presented with a screen which allows you to start the game after entering your name. The game is based on the usual click and play type games, and once you get the hang of the game, it’s pretty easy to progress through the game. The game has good graphics and will surely keep you hooked.

Paranormal Agency is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Main features of Paranormal Agency…

When you launch the game, be prepared to see the below shown interface.Paranormal Agency Main ScreenAs you can see, you’ll be able enter your name in the screen above. I have already entered mine in the screenshot shown above and when you click OK after entering your name, you will be taken to the main menu. Just click on play in the main menu and you’ll be shown a brief introduction to the game.Paranormal Agency game introYou can skip this intro via the Skip dialogue button at the bottom right or you can keep clicking on the screen when each dialogue pops up to be presented with the next dialogue. The game is split into many hidden object levels and the objective of each level is shown on your screen in the following fashion.Paranormal Agency objectivesThe hidden object levels are as shown below.Paranormal Agency correct object clickedThe game zone turns blue when you click a correct object from the list shown at the right side of the screen. You can see that as I have clicked on a correct abject above, the screen temporarily turns blue around the object.

Once a level has been completed, you will see the level completion prompt.Paranormal Agency level completeThis concludes the main features of Paranormal Agency for Windows 8 and 8.1.

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Paranormal Agency makes for a great download on devices running Windows 8 or above. Grab it for yours by heading over to the link below.

Get Paranormal Agency.