GMail App for Windows 8 That Shows Notifications on Live Tile

Toasts&Tiles for Gmail is a free Windows 8 Gmail Client App. You can use it to access your Gmail account, and do all the things that you do using the web based version, with  some more interesting capabilities. In addition to that, you can enable Notification from your Windows 8 Start Screen, from where you would always be updated about any new emails. You can change the font size of the interface according to your requirement. Also, this Gmail client app provides the ability to switch between a number of Gmail accounts.

This Windows 8 Gmail Client App is freely available in the Productivity category of the Windows Store.

Toasts&Tiles for Gmail

Let’s get you basic idea about the various capabilities it provides.

Using this Windows 8 Gmail Client App:

As you launch Toasts&Tiles for Gmail, you would see the option to give your credentials there. Plus this, this app has an option present here, that will enable notifications on the start screen.

Toasts&Tiles for Gmail- Enable notifications

If you turn it on, the notifications will appear on the tile of the app on the start screen.

This app will also give you the ability to change the magnification of the screen, so that you can view it according to your requirement. For that, you can use the option for it that is available in the bottom flyout.

Toasts&Tiles for Gmail- Change font size

The option for viewing or downloading any file which you have received is different. If you want to download any file, then for that file, click on the lower right side of the file.

Toasts&Tiles for Gmail- Download or open

Along with that, if someone has sent you multiple files, then you can smoothly view them using the arrows given on their right and left side.

Toasts&Tiles for Gmail-view files

There is an option to remain logged in to more than one account using this Windows 8 Gmail Client. For that, use the option from the upper flyout which consist of a circle with three dots. As you press it, the option to Sign out and to add account will appear. If you use the add account option, then you would be able to sign into a different account. Now, any time you can switch in between accounts from the upper flyout.

Toasts&Tiles for Gmail-multiple accounts

In addition to this, this Gmail Client App also gives you the option to pin any of the account to the start screen as a live tile, from where you can access your account with just one click.

You can add as many account’s live tile to the start screen using the pin option.

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Key Features of Toasts&Tiles for Gmail

  • Free.
  • Nice Interface.
  • Ability to magnify or decrease font size of text.
  • Make live tiles for your accounts.
  • Easy navigation in between your files.
  • Ease of work.

My Verdict

To  conclude, I would like to say that it is a good client app for Gmail. It will provide you with good capabilities over the Web accessed version of Gmail. All in all, it is a good app, and deserves a try.

Get Toasts&Tiles for Gmail here