Get eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers, & More: Free Nook App For Windows 8

Nook app for Windows 8 is a free Windows 8 app that offers an ebook library where you can search and buy thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, comics, and other educational material.

The app has a huge database containing millions of ebooks, digital content, and information on other reading material. From there you can browse and find almost any book. It contains best selling books from all over the world written by famous authors, plus you can get almost every mainstream magazine, newspaper, and comics. Along with Nook’s own reading material, you can also read any ebook (in ePub format) present on your system and also read PDFs within the app.

Nook app for Windows 8 lets you first read a sample of the book for free and in case you like it, then you can buy the complete version; this helps in preventing the wastage of money in useless stuffs.

The app is present under the Books & Reference category in Windows Store.

Nook - home screen

Learning your way around the App:

The app’s interface looks very good and switching between screens and scrolling through the app screen is smooth. It’s functional and well designed. One prerequisite of the app is, you need to login with your Microsoft Account or Nook Account in order to use the app. So make an account on either one of them first. After logging with your credentials you’ll get the Main Screen of the app, from here you can view your Library or Shop by Departments(that is books, magazine, newspaper, comic, and kids). You can also view Popular lists, Best selling magazines, Nooks recommendations, and many more. These are basically catalogs, and contains related reading material.

Nook - catalog

It is important to note that, all of these contents are on the Nook’s database, and you can sync them with your Microsoft account for accessing Nook from any other supported device. In order to sync Nook with Microsoft Account, make a right click on Home Screen, and click on Sync button. Right clicking also gives you the option to open a supported reading material present on your system, within the app.

Nook - search

Besides above mentioned contents, you’ll also find a Search button, with which you can search for a particular reading material by name or by author’s name.

Nook - changing reading settings

Reading books, magazines, etc., in the app is a wonderful experience. It opens the reading material in full screen, with proper indentations, margins, and good background theme, and if you like to customize your reading experience then simply make a right click while reading the magazine, book, or comic. Right clicking gives you the option to add bookmark on a page, change the font styles and size, find a particular word, buy the full version, and pin the book or magazine to start screen.

Nook - reading magazine

Other good feature of this Nook App For Windows 8 is you can add notes, mark highlights, and find meaning of word in the inbuilt dictionary; simply left click on the word, and you’ll get the just mentioned options.

Key Features of this Nook App For Windows 8:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 app to search and buy reading material.
  • Huge database containing different genre Nook books, magazines, and comics.
  • Allows to read a sample first and then lets you buy it.
  • Over 10,000 magazines available.
  • Option to customize page, text, and background settings.
  • Reloads the last opened page on next launch.
  • Can also open and read PDFs and ebooks stored on system hard disk.
  • Attractive UI.
  • Easy and fast.

Final Take on the App:

Nook App For Windows 8 is really a well made official client app of Nook. Gives a truly good reading experience. And option to sync adds more to the functionality of the app. It absolutely does what it promises. Great for being a free Windows 8 app.

Get Nook app for Windows 8 here.