Geek Trivia: Free Windows 8 Trivia Quiz App

Geek Trivia is a free Windows 8 trivia quiz app through which you can attempt numerous interesting trivia quiz. Trivia are a part of life as you can say. If you are a geek, then you will definitely like this free Windows 8 trivia quiz app. You can have the recent trivia on various categories like video games, space stuffs, star wars movies, and more.

Try attempting these trivia quiz with answers on various levels and calculate your level of being the King Of Nerds. It’s quite fun trying this trivia quiz. I myself liked it. You can have the proper detail of the question you have been asked. Geek Trivia app for Windows 8 basically a fun way of learning some extra stuff apart from your regular textbooks and later you can also impress your friends by asking them all these questions. Every time you open this Windows 8 trivia quiz app you will find a latest trivia.


Get some extra knowledge about science, space, science fiction movies like LEGO Star Wars or Star Trek etc. and increase your geeky intellect. Get a full-fledged description about various topics and you can easily take those test to check how much you already know, all this only at this trivia quiz app for Windows 8.

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The ‘recent trivia quiz’ will give you a series of new question and information, every time you open this Windows 8 trivia quiz app. And then, you can test your knowledge later and can boast your score to your friends.


So, try this amazing Windows 8 trivia quiz app if you are a real geek and you like Sci-Fi movies. Go ahead and search for Geek Trivia and install it now...