Free Zombie Shooter Game For Windows 8: Zombabies

Zombabies is a free Zombie shooter game for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices. In the game, you are attacked by zombies and baby zombies, and you have to shoot them in order to survive and create a high score. The game has smooth graphics, and plays well on all Windows 8 devices, even the low end ones. In the game, you have to aim and shoot using the mouse, and you can move around using the W A S D keys if the zombies end up coming too close to you. You have a limited health in which you have to survive the zombie attack, and also, you have limited ammo. Although ammo can be picked up in the grounds if you find it lying around, there are no health pickups, so be very careful with your health.

Zombabies is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Zombabies main screen

Features of Zombabies for Windows 8 And Windows 8.1:

When you install and launch Zombabies on your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 device, you will be presented with an interface which is the main menu of the game. This interface will look like the below screenshot.

Zombabies main screen

As you can see, you will have 4 options in the main screen of the game. These being the two difficulty levels, and the other two being the options that allow you to rate Zombabies on the app store, and the last option that allows you to remove the ads in the game. Regular Mode is perfect for beginners, with the number of zombies in each wave being lesser, and more ammo boxes lying around, and the Insane Mode, as the name suggests is very difficult and is suitable for advanced players. The gameplay performance is similar in both game modes, and you won’t be missing out on the fun even if you choose to play the Regular Mode. The game when started will resemble the below screenshot.

Zombabies Gameplay

In the above screen, you will be able to see the gameplay graphics of the game. As you can see in the above screenshot, you are dressed as a soldier, and the zombies can approach you from any direction. To shoot the zombies, all you have to do is to aim the gun at them and fire using your left mouse button. Aiming might become a bit difficult as there is no aiming pointer, but for a reference, you can try to position the zombie in the middle of the light that is emitted from the torch attached to your gun, and then fire. The remaining health and remaining ammo is visible at the top left corner of the screen. Remember that the zombies are actually coming towards you, so if they happen to get too close, you can always use the W A S and D buttons on your keyboard for movement in the forward, leftward, rightward and backward directions respectively. Once the zombies have completely attacked you and you are at 0% health, the game ends, and you will be shown a summary of your game performance in a dialog that will pop up on your screen, and this will look like the below screenshot.

Zombabies game result

From the above screen, you can choose to start a new game, rate the game, share the score (which opens up the share charm and allows you to share the score through apps that allow sharing) and go back to the main menu of the game. This basically sums up the features of Zombabies for Windows 8!

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The verdict:

Zombabies is a well designed zombie shooter game for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices, and best of all, it’s completely free and lightweight as well! The game runs smoothly, and barely drains any battery on portable devices, which is a major plus. I love the entire concept and its implementation, and truly think that this game is definitely worthy of a 4.5 out of 5 rating!

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