Free WYSIWYG HTML Editor For Windows 8: HTML Tester

HTML Tester is a free WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Windows 8 that lets you create or edit HTML files and preview how the page will look on the browser. It’s a simple and easy to use app using which you can easily create HTML files and preview their output in a single click. The editor can also be used as a quick source to “test” the output of lengthy HTML files in one go.

HTML Tester is freely available in the Education category of Windows Store. You can download the app using the link given at the end of the of this post or search for it in Windows Store using Win + Q key combination.

HTML Tester

This free WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Windows 8 is quite lightweight and takes a few seconds to get installed on your PC. Once installed, you can launch it and use it to write or edit HTML files. Let’s have a look on how this app works.

Create, Edit, and Preview HTML files using HTML Tester:

HTML Tester is very easy to use. Once you launch it you will see its main screen, which is also the only screen of the app. This screen is divided into two parts. The left part is the editor part where you can write HTML code and create HTML files from scratch, or paste HTML content and edit it if required. The right part will consist of a preview pane that will display how the page will look on your browser window. To test the preview, click on Test Now button at the top panel. The editor will instantly show the preview of the file on the preview pane.

HTML Tester - Preview

Note: The editor won’t let you save files you create or edit here; for that, you can copy-paste the entire content once previewing the output and use your Notepad to save the same in HTML format.

That’s all about this small app, let’s have a quick look on its key features.

Key Features of this Free WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Windows 8:

  • Free Windows 8 HTML Editor
  • WYSIWYG support
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Clean, clutter-free interface
  • Lightweight

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The Final Verdict:

HTML Tester is a simple and minimalistic HTML editor for creating and testing HTML files. Though it would have been better if it had support for saving HTML files. Give it a try and share your views via comments.

Get HTML Tester here!