Free Word Search For Windows 8: 3rd Floor Word Search

3rd Floor Word Search is a free word search based game for Windows 8 and 8.1. This game has been around since ages and people have been playing it with a lot excitement mostly.

This word search game is meant for everyone to increase their vocabulary and searching skills. The main menu of 3rd Floor Word Search includes option of new game, high scores, achievements and help. There are various game play modes in 3rd Floor Word Search. The difficulty levels are easy, medium, hard and expert; the game mode includes classic, first letter only, keep it going and free play.

Word Search

There are different categories from which you can choose which word types you want to play, these are activities, careers, famous people and characters, food, mark your calendar, mind, body and spirit, miscellaneous, nature and science, places and popular culture. Each category has 15 sub-categories to choose the game type from.

The user-interface of the word search game is nicely designed and developed. The color scheme has been kept from brown, white, cream and yellow. All the buttons and options are well placed and they do not give any unwanted breathing space to elements. When you hover the cursor on the buttons, they light up or glow to tell you what you have chosen.

Free Word Search game

When the game starts, the timer also starts on top left above the list of words to search from the puzzle. The words that you can find on the puzzle, are strike out from the list of words on the left side and they also get highlighted with light brown round cornered rectangle.

The game is interesting and exciting for everyone who has loved playing word search puzzle game earlier and who is even new to it. Play it for free right from your Windows 8 and 8.1 desktop without any trouble. The game is also bundled in small file size, so it will not take much space on your disk.

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