4 Best Apps For Windows 8

Here, are 4 free apps for Windows 8 selected from the week ending 24th June, 2012 for those who like to explore and browse around amazing Windows 8 apps. Microsoft has delivered many apps with new concept, new design interface, and new style of using. This has actually made us look around each Windows 8 apps to explore in deep.

This post brings you the best Windows 8 apps selected from the ones we reviewed the whole last week. Let me quickly summarize the name– Sky News App, Books App, Music Maker Jam, and Twitter App. Below given is the detailed description of each selected Windows 8 app.

Lets get started With:

Sky News App For Windows 8:

The app keeps you updated with every minute news, worldwide including topics such as sports, politics, business, education, and the like. The unique part is that some of the important news also come up with video clips to help you extract the info deeply. You can read more about Sky News App or Simply download it from Windows 8 Apps Store for free.

Books App For Windows 8:

I am completely loving this Windows 8 app as it allows me to read thousands of amazing and popular books right at my Windows 8 desktop screen. An option has also been given to look for preferable author’s books to read. Extract more info of Books App reviewed by us.

Windows 8 Twitter App:

Finally, I need not to login to Twitter account every time I want to access it. Well, yes you read it correct. Windows 8 Store brings you a separate app for Twitter where you can access your Twitter account anytime without loging in time and again. The name is Tweetro App that lets you view your Twitter profile, tweets, photos, followers, people following and the like. Read our post on Tweetro App for Windows 8.

Music Maker Jam App For Windows 8:

While exploring Windows 8 store, I found this music app worth installing as it allowed me to create music of my own using musical instruments available in this app for free. The good part is that you can compose as many tracks as you want and save it for further listening. Feel free to read more on Music App For Windows 8.