Free Windows 8 Travel Guide To Get Info About Places In Cities

The City Guide is free Windows 8 Travel Guide. You can use it to get info on most famous places, and places for accommodation present in some of the most famous cities. In addition to that, by using this free Windows 8 Travel guide, you also have the capability to book rooms in those cities. The City Guide will book accommodation through Also, you can view photos of the famous places from these cities, so as to plan your travel accordingly.

The app also provides you with map for all the places and accommodation places  in the app.

The City guide

This Windows 8 Travel Guide is freely available in the Travel category of the Windows Store.

Using this Windows 8 Travel Guide

As you land into this free Windows 8 Travel Guide, the places would be available as tiles on the main screen. Some of the cities listed here are: Barcelona, Berlin, Roma, Paris, and many others.

Now, as you land on the page of a particular city present in this Windows 8 Travel Guide, two options would be available for you: that is, Accommodations, and City Tour.

The City Guide- City Now, apart from these two options, there is also a list present on the left side, in a panel, from where you can reach the other cities quite easily.

Let me give you an idea about these features:


In the accommodation part of the cities present in this Windows 8 Travel Guide, there will be three views available: List, Recommendation, and map present. Here, you would be able to find the places of accommodations that are present there, like hotels.


In the List view, you would be able to get to see all the places of accommodations, available as tiles, on that screen.

The City Guide- Accommodations (list)As you click on tile of any place available here, that place’s features like Room Information, Food and beverage, Area information, and many other related information will be available to you as a magazine.

This page of this Windows 8 Travel Guide also gives you the option to book your rooms. For that, this app uses the Windows 8 IE app, that is present by default in your system or device.


Here, this app will recommend you with a popular place for accommodation, in that city.The City Guide- MagazineMap

The map option present here, will provide you with a map, so that you may be able to locate the place in a easy way.

The City Guide- maps

City tour

In the City tour option, of any city, present in this app, you would be able to view the places which are famous in these cities, and are known destinations for tourists. Here also, there are three views, namely, List, Recommendations, and map. Let me tell you about the features in short.


From this view, all the places present there, would appear as tiles. As you click on any tile, you would be provided with photos for that particular place.

The City Guide- PhotosIn the other views available on this page of this app, namely Recommendation and Map, you would be able to see the recommendations, and maps for the places.

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My Verdict

As far as it goes to the features it provides to the user, it is quite good. The Photos and Maps it uses, are good. However, one thing, I would like to reflect that the search is not so good. I was not able to get any info for some cities I searched for.

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