Free Windows 8 Strategy Game: Checkers Free

Everyone loves playing strategy games, and Checkers Free is another great free strategy game for Windows 8 and 8.1 computer. Checkers Free is based on the board game or strategy game known as draughts or checkers. It is a two player game where the opponents move their pieces one over the other of the opponent. The game has black or dark pieces and white or light pieces, each consisting of 20 pieces. The one with light colored pieces moves first usually.

The rules for the game are simple. You have to place your piece three rows nearest to your opponents piece to capture it so that there are no moves available to your opponent. The moves in checkers game are made diagonally forward.

Strategy Game

In the virtual strategy game Checkers Free, there are two game modes. You can play as single player with computer as the opponent or two players where you play with your friend or family member. There are three different levels of difficulty namely beginner, medium and expert. After choosing the difficulty level, click on continue. In the game, each player has 12 pieces of black and red color.

In the game, the pieces are labelled as men and king. The men can move only forward whereas the men that become king can move backwards as well. The pieces that reach crownhead or kings row of the opponents place, it becomes a king. The king is crowned in golden color or bright yellow color in Checkers Free.

Windows 8 Strategy Game

Special App Studio has designed and developed this strategy game of Checkers Free very nicely. The game is clean and has got beautiful graphics and sound. The checkers pieces are of red and black color. The board of the game is of light brown, cream and black. When the turn of the player finishes, it shows whose turn is it on the top right side near the board of the game.

To access main menu again from the game, you can right click anywhere on the screen and click on Main Menu. You will be taken back to the main menu of the game.

Download Checkers Free.