Free Windows 8 Recipe App To Find Italian Recipes

Italian Recipes is a free Windows 8 Recipe app for finding various world famous Italian Food Recipes. You can find nearly every Italian recipe here. You get the independence to choose from over 4000 Italian recipes in this free Windows 8 Recipe app. Besides that, videos for recipe preparation are given, which may be greatly advantageous if you are completely new to Italian food.

The recipes have been nicely categorized in the Home menu. These include Taste, Method of preparation, Ingredients, and many other. Under the given Categories, you can find famous Italian recipes. These categories will further categorize the recipe results in sub-categories. So, there’s something for everyone.

When you click any particular recipe in this free Windows 8 Recipe app, a panel will open up showing its preparation video. The video, in general will tell you how to prepare it.

On this panel, along with this video, other things are also given like its Ingredients, Directions to prepare it and also its Nutritional Facts. Apart from this, you can watch your favorite Food Shows like GialloZafferano and Good Tastes of Tuscany within this free Windows 8 recipe app.

Italian Recipes- Windows 8 Recipe App - Main Screen

Italian Recipes can be found under the Food and Dining category in Windows Store. If you find it difficult to locate the app, you can also use the Win + Q keys to search for the app, or use the link give at the end to view it directly in Windows Store.

Search within a large Database of this Free Windows 8 Recipe App

You can search from a large database in this free Windows 8 Recipe app. It provides a wide variety of recipes from Italian cuisine and if you love Italian food, this app will show you how you can cook some of the most popular Italian dishes right at home. The free Windows 8 Recipe app has a database having more than 4000 Recipes.

All the Recipes can also be reached right from the main screen of Italian Recipes. There, the recipes have been categorized as Best, New, Side Dish, Snack, Vegetables and many more.

Italian Recipes- Windows 8 Recipe App - Recipes under Best category

The recipes have tile appearance, which makes it even more easier for you to browse through this free Windows 8 Recipe app.

Learn more easily from Videos in Italian Recipes

The Italian Dishes are available with interactive and engaging videos, which would help you to understand them even much better.

Italian Recipes- Windows 8 Recipe App -Learn from Videos

Know the Ingredients, Nutritional Facts in this free Windows 8 Recipe app

Italian Recipes also provide you with details on Ingredients, Nutritional facts for the recipes. This will help you keep a better watch at the ingredients and Nutritional Facts of the recipe. You can thus keep count of your calories in Italian Recipes. The app turns out to be of great help to fitness freaks who always like keeping count of their Calories.

Italian Recipes- Ingredients and Nutritional facts

Distinct Searches from Home Menu

You have the option to search for any particular food item from the Top menu using their more distinct features like Taste, Method of preparation, Ingredients, etc.

Italian Recipes-Choose from Top Menu

And as I mentioned before, this free Windows 8 Recipe app let you search in even a better manner. Like for instance, Taste category will let you search from items according to their taste like sweet, sour, salty, spicy, and others like that.

Search Recipes by Names in Italian Recipes

In this free Windows 8 Recipe app you even get the option to search any particular item by its name. Just search for it by providing its name in the Windows Search Charm.Italian Recipes- Windows 8 Recipe App - Search in Windows Charm

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Key Features of the Italian Recipes

  • Nice interface: The user interface is quite nice with all the food items shown on the main screen.
  • Large database to choose from: You can choose from over 4000 Italian food items.
  • Learn better with videos: Videos are available for the user to understand the recipes in a better way.
  • Follow from your favorite food shows: You have a number of freely available food shows like GialloZafferano and others like Good Tastes of Tuscany.
  • Recipe detail: Apart from showing videos on how to cook the food, the app also displays recipe ingredients with proper measurement and steps of preparation.
  • Keep count of the Nutritional value : Nutritional value is provided with each food which would be helpful to manage your Calories in a better manner.


To conclude, I would say it’s a great app for those who are a lover of Italian food. The Database of recipes in this free Windows 8 Recipe app is quite rich. For me, it worked for my every search. The video tutorials are quite good and engaged me better when I was watching them. So I would really recommend this app for all Italian food lovers.

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