Free Windows 8 Puzzle Game: Pill Mania

Pill Mania is a puzzle game based on two famous Nintendo Entertainment System games namely Dr. Mario and Tetris. Both these games have been famous from the time they were developed. Dr. Mario and Tetris gained popularity on NES platform but it can now be played on your Windows 8 or 8.1 desktop for free.

Pill Mania is a free puzzle game that follows a simple style of blocks falling and to match the tile to break the block of same color and to remove the bacteria or the virus displayed in the bottle.

Free puzzle game

On the startup of the game, you can choose the difficulty level from beginner or expert. There are other important menu options also displayed below these two difficulty levels. Under instructions tab, you can see various keyboard and on screen moves for the game. To turn the pill, you can use CTRL and Space buttons of the keyboard. To move the pill you can either use left, right and bottom keys or A, S and D keys from your keyboard. Under settings option, you can switch on and off the music or sound of the game according to your choice.

The graphics and interface of the entire game is really impressive. It is clean and very well organized. All the menu options are perfectly defined to work for what they are supposed to. The music of the game gives you a feeling of playing a game of old NES platform, feels classic.

Pill Mania

While playing the game , you will not feel that the game is slow or it needs to be worked on by the developer for better quality. It is just rightly developed and designed. There are smooth transitions in every move made and everything else happening on the game screen. Whenever a virus dies, Pill Mania makes a sound and drop the left behind pill side on the bottom as you might have seen if played the classic Dr. Mario or Tetris puzzle game.

Download Pill Mania.