Free Windows 8 Puzzle Game: Candy Crush Saga Deluxe

Candy Crush Saga Deluxe is a free puzzle game for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices in which you have to match three similar candies together to form a linkage and eliminate the candies. The game is based on a simple principle of dragging the similar candies together. Grouping three similar candies will give you 10 points, whereas grouping more candies will give you more points! The game plays in full screen mode, and hence offers completely immersive experience, and even offers a background track which keeps you hooked on to the game.

Candy Crush Saga Deluxe is available for free via the Windows App Store.

Candy Crush Saga Deluxe App Icon

Features of Candy Crush Saga Deluxe:

When you install and launch Candy Crush Saga Deluxe on your Windows 8 device, you will be presented with the main menu interface of the game which will allow you to start a new game, load an existing game, or to view more games by the developer via the Play more button. (see below screenshot)

Candy Crush Saga Deluxe main menu

When you click on the New game button in the main screen of the game, you will be quickly presented with the gameplay interface itself which looks like the below screenshot. Here you can see all the dissimilar candies lying all jumbled up. You have to drag and group three similar candies so that they form a line and hence these will get eliminated.

Candy Crush Saga Deluxe link matched

The above interface shows the gameplay screen of the game. In the above screen, I have successfully matched three candies together, and hence you can see them disappearing from the screen, and you can also see the score that I’m being allotted for the same. You can see the other fine details of the game like your score, your target score, the remaining time counter towards the left side of the screen. At the bottom left of the screen, you can see the sound toggle which toggles the sounds of the game to on or off states. When you complete a game level (or lose it), you will be shown the game over screen along with your score!

Candy Crush Saga Deluxe game over screen

In the game over screen, you also have options to restart the level, or to view more games by the developer. The game is extremely smooth, almost like butter, and doesn’t hog up a lot of system space as well! This concludes the main features of the game.

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The verdict:

Candy Crush Saga Deluxe is a great puzzle game to download and install on your device if you are looking for a quick way to while away your time while challenging your wits at the same time. The game is absolutely free, but it does have a few ads. The ads, however are not intrusive, and hence don’t hamper the gameplay experience. Overall, this is a well designed game and surely is worth a look!

I rate this game a 3.5 out of 5!

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