Free Windows 8 Photo Editing App: FotoEditor

FotoEditor is a free photo editing app for Windows 8 and 8.1. There are many photo editing apps available to be used on your Windows 8 or 8.1 desktop but FotoEditor is different from the other apps in the Windows Store.

You can upload a photograph from your desktop to FotoEditor or you can capture it using the camera of your desktop. After the photograph has been uploaded to the photo editing app, you will see it on the screen. The action of upload will be followed by the photo editing options coming on the bottom bar.

Free Photo Editing App

There are many impressive photo editing tools bundled in FotoEditor app, these tools include adjustment, artistic, distort, morphology, stylize, crop, operations and resize. Each and every tool of FotoEditor is very useful in editing your uploaded photograph entirely. You don’t have to be a professional to understand the technicalities of how the tools of this photo editing app work. The app is easy to understand and can help you edit photographs without creating any kind of problems for you.

The photo editing tools of FotoEditor are sub-divided into different other segments such as adjustment includes brightness, contrast, gamma, RGB balance, tint blue, tint green, tint red; artistic includes classic, color pencil, gray scale, oilpaint, sepia, posterize; distort includes cylinder, pinch, punch, tile, twirl; morphology has erode, equalize, dilate, jitter, normalize, saturation, sharpen, soften; stylize includes emboss,  negative, night vision, solarize, tritone; operations includes rotate 180, mirror H, mirror V, rotate left and rotate right; resize includes resizing the photograph by mentioning height and width for the resized photograph.

Free Windows 8 Photo Editing App

With FotoEditor, you can save the edited photograph to your computer in JPEG or PNG file type. There are undo, redo, upload, save as and new options on the right side of the app’s screen.

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The user-interface of FotoEditor has been kept simple, minimal and clean. You will not find any unwanted menu option or setting tab anywhere on the screen of the app. The color scheme of the app is also nicely kept.

Get FotoEditor.