Free Windows 8 Music Videos App: Top Music Videos

Top Music Videos is a free Windows 8 music videos app. Using this app you can view the music videos divided into categories like: genres, countries, new releases, and year. You can arrange your favorite songs and play them in form of a playlist. You can watch the videos in full screen mode, high definition, just play them in the background and work on other programs, or use the app in snap mode also. You need a continuous internet connection to play the videos and view them.

top music videos

Viewing Videos On Top Music Videos App:

In Top Music Videos App you can view all music videos on your Windows 8 for free. All the videos are categorized for your convenience. You can even search this app for videos you like. You can make a playlist of your favorite videos and play them in a row. The app is integrated with a player also; using which you can skip ahead or back, pause or play, and play HD version of videos. Let’s see how to use this music videos app for Windows 8.

The app interface looks as shown in above screenshot. On top of the app you can see various sections like: genre, country, new releases, and year.

  • Genre: In genre you can search for songs that belong to a particular genre. A drop down menu of genres appear like: alternative, blues, rock, pop, etc. Just choose an option and you will find all the videos related to that genre.
  • Country: In country section you can find the songs that belong to a country. In the drop down menu you will find various country names and the songs related to those countries.
  • New releases: In new releases, you will find the newly released songs.
  • Year: In year section I could find songs till the year of 2011. The new songs are posted in new releases section.

top music videos app

When you choose a song in the beginning, it will play on the top right of the app. If you want to view the song in full screen, then click on the video and it will play in full screen (as shown in above screenshot). Now click on the video and you will find options like: playlist, Hi Def, skip back, pause, skip ahead, and back to window. Now click on back to window option and you will be back to the main screen of the app. There you can choose any video of your choice and click on them, then the song video adds itself to the playlist. Like this you can add any number of videos to the playlist. And use the playlist option to view all the songs in the playlist. If you want to search for a song, then press Windows + Q buttons to search in this app.

Features of Top Music Videos:

The features of Top Music Videos are:

  • This music videos app for Windows 8 is free.
  • Watch high definition videos.
  • Search for your favorite videos by pressing Windows + Q.
  • Share songs to friends by pressing Windows + C.
  • Minimize the app and you can listen to the songs in the background.
  • Use the app in snap mode also.

top music videos app snap mode

Installing Windows 8 Music Videos App:

Open this link in Windows 8 Internet Expolrer. View the app in Windows Store and install it from there; to start viewing your favorite video songs.

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