Free Windows 8 Logos Quiz Game App: Logos Quiz+

Logos Quiz+ is a free Windows 8 logos quiz game app, in which you have to solve the quiz related to logos (as the name suggests). You’ll be presented with multiple world famous logos, and you have to recognize and name the logos.  As you’ll finish naming all the logos of a level you’ll get advanced to the next level. This is pretty much about the objective of the game. If you think you have enough knowledge about different companies and can recognize their logos, then this is the app to test your knowledge.

Logos Quiz  Main Screen

There are already other versions of this Windows 8 logos quiz game app for Android, iPhone and Windows phone. And these versions are pretty popular among the users.

You can get this free Windows 8 logos quiz game app under the Games Category in Windows Store, or you can make use of Windows 8 Search Charm to find the game app.

Gameplay of this free Windows 8 Logos quiz game app for PC:

Like I mentioned above, it’s basically a simple logos quiz game. So there are more than 600 high resolution logo images. Basically the logos are of well known companies which are into all the different sectors of business, to name a few: food and beverages, clothing, toys, fashion, car manufacturers, airlines, famous fiction characters, movies series, etc. Some of the logos, you see on daily basis on TV, on streets, and on the products that you use. While the rest includes those which you might have seen at least once in your life.

Logos Quiz  Levels

In order to make the game challenging, the logos are not placed in their complete form. That is, some part of the logos are obscured, so that it’ll be a little challenging for you to recognize it. And I have to admit that the game is pretty good at this. For example the HBO, Nokia, and FedEx logos. You see them on daily basis and that too multiple times, but when you get them in this Windows 8 Logos quiz game app, you won’t be able to recognize them easily. That was the case with me. But I feel the game difficulty varies from person to person, as every other person sitting next to you might know some of the things which you don’t.

Logos Quiz  Solved and unsolved logos

The game is divided into a total of 8 levels. Each level has a specific number of logos. It’s not compulsory to recognize all in order to advance to next higher level. You just have to recognize around 75-80 percent of the logos. You’ll start playing from level 1 which contains 80 logos. Like mentioned above, each level include logos of different companies which are into different products and service sectors. The game does gives hints and stars to help you in solving logos.

Logos Quiz  Solvong Logo

Besides that, the game also consists of an online Leaderboard which displays the top 99 players from around the world. Also the app continuously keeps you informed with your game stats.

Follows a screenshot of the Leader-board within the app.

Logos Quiz  leaderboard

Key Features of this Windows 8 Logos Quiz Game App:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 logos quiz game app.
  • 640 different high resolution logos.
  • Total of 8 levels.
  • Hints and stars help in solving logos.
  • Good game-play.

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Final Verdict:

Logos Quiz+ is hands down a good free Windows 8 logos quiz game app. It’s fast, has great looking UI, and totally functional. Playing the game was a smooth experience. I had fun playing this logos quiz game app on Windows 8. Though the app shows some annoying ads at the top and some of the logos are too hard to recognize. But what’s the fun if it’s not hard!

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Get Logos Quiz+ here.