Free Windows 8 HTML Learning App: HTML Master

Learning HTML has been made easy and quick on your Windows 8 and 8.1 with HTML Master, which is free HTML learning app.

HTML is short form or abbreviation of Hypertext Markup Language, a text file type that is developed to combine elements like hyperlinks, graphics, colors and content to achieve a World Wide Web page or simply a web page. It is a standard form of creating web pages in a simple manner.

HTML learning app

HTML is easy as compared to most of the other coding languages used to create web pages or to run a website on the whole. An HTML code begins with <!DOCTYPE html>, which defines that the following document is for the web. HTML is a coding language that can never exhaust and will only enhance with time, the present version of HTML is 5.0.

HTML Master is a free HTML learning app that has been developed to learn the basics of HTML and how you can apply them to create web pages. This app has no complex settings or menus but is clean and clear with what it does and how it will help you with your HTML learning.

HTML Master

The app has been divided into 3 sections namely Chapters, Exercises and Quiz. The Chapters section of HTML Master has around 12 chapters, each explaining you the important HTML tags and how they are used and are made to work. The section of Exercises includes 15 practical assignments that are based on the chapters you have learn previously. All the chapters and exercises are interlinked, as you are practicing what you learnt. The Quiz has a set of questions that are again based on your learning in the previous chapters and the practice you did in exercise.

 HTML Learning App

In addition to learning HTML in HTML Master, there is a chapter for CSS styles as well. The CSS style sheet is used to determine how the web page will look like, it defines color scheme, font style, font size, font color, etc., for the web page individually or universally for all the web pages right from one single CSS style sheet. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet.

Get HTML Master.