Free Windows 8 Discovery App: Find Near Me

Find Near Me – Find nearby ATM’s, Banks, Taxi, Hotels & everything around you is a free discovery app available to you on your Windows 8 and 8.1 computer.  This app is really helpful in finding different things around you in just few clicks.

Find Near Me has a wide list of categories that can help you find what you are looking for.

Discovery App

The categories covered in the discovery app include airport, ATM, bank, bar, beauty salon, book store, bus station, cafe, car rental, car repair, car wash, church, clothing store, coffee, dentist, department store, doctor, electronics store, florist, food, gas station, grocery, Hindu temple, hotel, library, liquor store, lodging, movie theater, museum, night club, park, parking, pharmacy, pizza, places, police, post office, pub, restaurant, shopping mall, spa, stadium, subway station, supermarket, taxi stand, theater, train station, travel agency and zoo.

Free Discovery App

The discovery app Find Near Me is capable of locating you with the help of the location service on your desktop and show you the map on the screen of the app. The search results can be accessed right from the map. You can click on the keyword from the list of category to make the search quick and easy.

When the search result appear in the manner of pins, you can click on the pin on the map and check for the detailed information about the place. If the information for the place is available then it will be shown with review, photos, rating, contact details, opening hours, etc. You can customize how the map shows the distance, the map is extracted using Google Maps thus it is exact on how it shows on any other Google Maps native base. You can also view the search result as list.

Free Windows 8 Discovery App

This discovery app is really impressive with how accurate search results it gives, no matter in which part of the world you are. Find the things that matter to you as quickly as possible with Find Near Me.

Download Find Near Me.