Free Windows 8 Cake Recipe App: Cake Book

Cake Book is a free Windows 8 Cake Recipe app. It’s kind of a cake recipe book that allows you to browse through a number of recipes for Cakes. You can choose from Categories like Apple Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Blueberry Cakes, Egg-less cakes, and others. This free Windows 8 Cake Recipe app can be found under the Food and Dining category in Windows Store.

Cake Book- Main Screen

When you click on a particular Cake recipe in this free Windows 8 Cake Recipe app, a detailed description on how to prepare it, will open up. It will summarize the Ingredients that you will use to prepare the Cake. Plus this, a detailed description on the Directions to prepare the Cake and the preparation time for the recipe is also present for you.

Use Cake Book to find Cake Recipes

As you get to this free Windows 8 Cake Recipe app, the recipes will appear as tiles, categorized on the main screen. From there, click on any of the appearing categories and you would be taken to the page where recipes of the same kind will appear.

Cake Book- Get through any CategoryThe recipes will appear as tiles on that page. Each recipe in this free Windows 8 Cake Recipe app, will be shown with an image, its preparation time, and User’s rating for that recipe.

Cake Book- Detailed Discription

From there, on clicking on any of the tile, you will be taken to that particular recipe page. That page, in general will show you the directions to prepare that particular recipe, its preparation time, and the Ingredients used to prepare it.

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Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Cake Recipe App

  • Nice Interface: The interface of Cake Book is quite nice.
  • The Cake recipes available in Cake Book are nicely categorized making it easier for everyone to filter their searches.
  • Free availability: Cake Book is freely available in the ‘Food and Dining’ section of the Windows Store.
  • Tile appearance of Recipes: The Cake Recipes available in this Windows 8 Cake Recipe app appear as tiles on the main screen.
  • Smooth Working: The Transition is quite smooth. You can go from one recipe to another quite smoothly without any delay.

My Verdict on Cake Book for Windows 8

Finally, in my conclusion, I would like to say that this free Windows 8 cake recipe app is quite good. Though it has some noticeable shortcomings. Like it doesn’t have a large database of recipes; you will see just 6 cake recipes in a particular category. Also, no video tutorials are available and there’s no way to search for a particular recipe. I also felt that it could have been better if more pictures were available depicting the method of preparation for each recipe. However, the available recipes are simple and easy to understand. If you want to prepare cakes at home, you could give this app a try.

Get Cake Book here.