Free Windows 8 Bike Race Game: Speed Rovers

Speed Rovers is a free Windows 8 Bike race game.  The game provides you with 5 Characters to choose from to  race. Apart from that, there a number of cities to choose from to Race in this free Windows 8 Bike Race game. You have to race through the city you have selected, using the player that you have chosen. While you are on your way, you have to Grab the Money Chips that are available on the way. Also be aware and keep distance from the traffic moving along , otherwise you might crash.

This free Windows 8 Bike Race Game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store. The game does not require an active internet connection to work, so you can enjoy it even without an Internet Connection.

Speed Rovers- Main Screen


Let’s get you a better idea of how to play this game.

Race your Way through the Cities using this Windows 8 Bike Race Game

Choose your Character

As you hit the Play button in this Windows 8 Bike Race Game, you would be first prompted to choose from 5 Characters to race here. By default, only 1st Character i.e. Ada is Unlocked for you to start racing.

Speed Rovers- Choose your Character

For the rest of the characters, if you want to choose them, you firstly would have to earn coins by racing  as specified there.

Choose the City you want to race in

After you have chosen the Character with which you want to race in this free Windows 8 Bike Race Game, you would be asked to choose a City in which you want to race.

Speed Rovers- Choose your City

Only one city is unlocked for you in the beginning. You have to earn coins and unlock the other cities in order to race through them also.


After you have specified the Character and the City to start the race, the Race will begin.

Speed Rovers- Gameplay

While you are racing in this Windows 8 Bike Race Game, you will be having the options to pause the game at any point of the Game using the pause icon that is available while you are having a race.

While you are racing here, a number of checkpoints will appear in your way. Along with that, green capsules will also appear all along the race. These Checkpoints and Green Capsules may help you in gaining more time. As long as more time is available, you can earn more coins along your way. Red, Blue, Yellow, and other colored coins that appear on the way are to be collected, to unlock the Bikes and Cities.

You also have to keep a watch on the traffic that is coming your way while playing this Windows 8 Bike Race Game.

Skelevator- Crashing will result in score loss

If you collide with them, your collected coins and the score you have  will be lost entirely and you have to begin again.

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Key Features of Speed Rovers

  • Nice Interface: The Interface of this Windows 8 Bike Race Game is quite nice. It uses good quality graphics.
  • Free availability: The game is available for free in Windows Store.
  • Choose from 5 Characters to race.
  • Select from 5 Cities as your Racing Area.
  • Pause the game anytime.
  • Earn more coins to unlock all characters and cities.

My Verdict On Speed Rovers

Speed Rovers is a fun Racing game. It uses good quality graphics. You can play endless as long as you have more time available here. I would recommend trying this game app.

Get Speed Rovers here.