Free Windows 8 App To Tone Your Abs: Abs Challenge

Abs Challenge is a free Windows 8 app that allows you to tone your abs easily by following on screen instructions. When you launch the app, you can start the workout by clicking on the Let’s Get Started button in the main screen of the app. Once you do that, you will be presented with the workout that you need to perform for that day. The workouts include leg raises, situps, etc. with variations depending on the day of the workout. In all, it is a 30 day routine with variations in workouts for everyday. When you complete the workout for the day, you can simply mark it as done by clicking on the Done button.

Abs Challenge is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Abs Challenge App Icon

Features of Abs Challenge for Windows 8…

When you install and launch the Abs Challenge app on your Windows 8 device, you will be presented with an interface which looks like the below screenshot.

Abs Challenge Main Screen

Simply click on the Let’s Get Started button in the above screen to be presented with the challenge screen of the app. This is the screen where you will be told the exercises that you have to perform to tone your abs. Once inside the challenge screen, you will be able to see an interface which looks like the below screenshot.

Abs Challenge Challenge Screen

You can see that for the first day, you need to perform reps of situps, crunches, leg raises and plank, all of which are essential in strengthening your abs. The schedule is made for 30 days, and for each of these days, you will get a different exercise. You can view the exercises for different days by clicking on the day number corresponding to the same. Once you have completed the exercises for the day, you can click on the Done button to mark the exercise as complete. Once you click on the Done button, you will be asked to answer the question if the exercise was easy or difficult.

Abs Challenge Exercise Review

If you click on the No, it was too hard button, you will be asked to repeat the exercises the next day also.

Abs Challenge exercise was hard

However, if you found the exercises to be easy, you can simply click on the Yes, move on to day 2 button, and Day 1 will be marked as complete.

Abs Challenge Day 1 Challenge done

The challenge will now be ticked and marked as done. This is all that you need to know to get started with using the Abs Challenge app for your Windows 8 device. I hope that you’ll have fun using this app and get in the best shape of your life using it!

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The verdict…

Abs Challenge is a great app to have on your device if you are looking to get some killer rock hard abs to woo the ladies, or maybe just to get in shape. Overall, the app is designed in a nice way, and will make sure that you progress slowly and steadily throughout the duration of the entire 30 days. The app is designed in a beautiful manner and works absolutely great on all Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices. I do hope that you will have fun using this app and staying in shape!

Get Abs Challenge.