Free Windows 8 App to Change Face Expressions of Photos: FaceGoo

FaceGoo is a cool photo editing app for Windows 8 where you can edit or distort all the facial portrait images according to your requirement. You can stretch, squeeze and move the image in zigzag manner just like an elastic rubber.  You can edit portrait photos of your family and friends to the funny ones :P, convert their sad expressions in the images to happy ones by stretching sad smile 🙁 to happy smile 🙂 as shown below:

FaceGoo - crytosmile

 How to use FaceGoo to Add Funny Expressions to Images:

  • First of all download the app from Windows 8 store, lite version available for free. Once installed, a tile of this app will be available on the start screen. Open the app the Home screen looks like as shown below:
    facegoo - apphomeppage
  • Now select a photo you want to edit. One of the many advantages of this app is that, it allows you to select image from various sources like :
    • Camera (it uses your webcam)
    • Photos (from saved images)
    • Or inbuilt Samples available for this app as shown in the above screenshot.
  • Once you select the image, you are ready to do the mischief. Over here, if you have touch screen tablet or laptop, just by your fingers gesture you can stretch or squeeze the image. If not, you can use mouse pointer. Apart from this, it also provides functions like:
    • Rotate the image in any direction.
    • There is a option to undo the last step by clicking on undo.
    • Remove all the editing i.e. Gooing (in apps terminology) by clicking on Reset Goo.
    • Save the Image.
    • And one of the fun features is Bouncy Goo. It makes the image highly elastic. It behaves as surface of water.

    FaceGoo - editscreen

  • In the paid version you can also upload the images directly from app to Facebook, Twitter or even share it via mail and also get additional sticker to make the photos more hilarious.

Before investing, try the free version, if you like it then you can get the additional features in the paid app with extra features like no Ads etc.

FaceGoo fulfils all the features as mentioned by the developers and is highly responsive to touch screen gestures.

Download FaceGoo from Windows 8 App store.