Free Windows 8 App To Backup Data To The Cloud: Study Backup

Study Backup is a free app that allows you to backup your data to the cloud. The app is absolutely free and works on all Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices. The app offers you the functionality to link multiple devices with itself, and what’s more, it also allows you to use clicked photos as well using your webcam, which you can upload later to the cloud! If you are on multiple devices, then this is the app to have! The way this app works on multiple devices is that it requires you to create an account with your email in the main screen, and you can then use this account on as many devices as you please.

Study Backup is a great backup solution to everyone’s needs, providing a neat and minimalistic interface in a tiled format. The app can be downloaded for free from the Windows App Store.


Salient Features of Study Backup…

Upon launching the app, you will be asked to sign in to the app. If you don’t have an account, you can also choose to register for a new account in this step. Once that is done, you will be taken to the next screen of the app which resembles the below screenshot.


Above is the main screen of the app, from where you can choose to backup your content. In the Upload section, you can choose to upload a photo/video from an existing folder on your device (Upload from Photos), or you can click a photo using your webcam as well (Take a Photo or Video)! This is a really neat feature thrown in. You can also create notes, draw doodles, record voice memos or upload files, and all these will be available across the devices which have the Study Backup app installed.

Let’s try uploading a file now…

Click on the Upload a file button and you will be presented with the following screen.


Navigate to the folder where your file is stored, click on it to check mark it, and then click on the Upload File button present at the bottom right corner of the screen. Your file will now be uploaded to the cloud storage.


You can see above that the file has been uploaded!

To retrieve an uploaded file, head back to the main screen of the app, and scroll all the way over to Uploads tab.


Here you can view the folder in which you have saved the file, and clicking on the file will provide you with the above mentioned options – Open, Download, Save To File, Sharing Options and Delete.

You can also access your uploads quickly by firing up the control bar and then choosing the Uploads option from there.



You can create and save a note by clicking on the Create a Note button in the main screen of the app, after which you will be shown the above screen. Here, after you are done typing a note, you can choose to save or discard it. If you choose to save it, you can select the cloud directory in which you want to save it, just like the way you can do when you upload a file.

Drawing Doodles

Clicking on Draw a Doodle button in the main screen of the app will open up the following screen.


The above screen is much like the blank canvas of a paint document. You can select the brush size, color, etc. You can save or discard it in the same way that you save or discard notes (read the section above).

Recording Voice Memos…

Clicking on Record a Voice Memo in the main screen of the app will open up the sound recorder screen where you can start recording memos, or even practice your singing! Basically, this is just a sound recorder that you can use to directly record sound and upload it to the cloud from within the app itself.


Similar process follows for saving or discarding a voice memo, as discussed in saving the notes section above.

Overall impressions…

Study Backup is a great app to have on your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 device if you want to backup your data to the cloud. The integrated webcam, sound recorder, notes and doodling features make the app all the more better, and this is surely one app to have on your device if you wish to sync your data with multiple devices.

Get Study Backup.