Free Solitaire Game for Windows 8: Simple Solitaire

Simple Solitaire is a game based on the classic game of solitaire that came with Windows system. This solitaire game is free for Windows 8 and 8.1 computer systems. If you loved playing the classic game of solitaire then you will surely love Simple Solitaire for your Windows 8 and 8.1 desktop. On the startup, the game opens with a fresh game to be played.

The graphics of Simple Solitaire are really impressive and stand out as compared to the other solitaire games available in the store. The graphics of each and every element are defined very nicely. The color scheme of the game has been chosen carefully to make the user or player be attracted to it. There are many themes for the background as well as for the cards that are available in the settings of the game.

Simple Solitaire

There are two draw modes available in the game namely one card draw and three card draw. If you choose one card draw, a single card will be opened from the dock of cards; if you will choose three card draw then three cards will be opened. In the game, there are two levels of difficulty which a player can choose. These difficulty modes include easy and hard. In the scoring settings, you will have classic or no scoring and Vegas and Vegas (cumulative).

Free Solitaire Game for Windows 8

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On the left side of the game, you will see a box containing different elements like hint, score, time and undo. Hint will give you a hint as to what move you should take next. In the score you will be shown the score you have achieves. Time shows the time that is running out as you are delaying the game play. Undo is for not making the previous move and going back to the game play before that move. There are game statistics available for the game you have played on Simple Solitaire. The statistics show you a detailed view of all the games you have played.

Download Simple Solitaire.