Free Simulator Game for Windows 8: Army Transport Truck Simulator

Army Transport Truck Simulator is a free Simulator Game for Windows 8 and 8.1 Computers. This is an another fantastic game from UK Arts Games, which is worth a download. Drive a military Humvee to carry out tasks assigned to you in a war zone. Show your driving skills, dodge enemy helicopter attacks, and try not to drive over land mines.


How to Install Army Transport Truck Simulator on Windows 8 Devices:

To install this simulator game for Windows 8, search for it on the Windows App Store. I have attached the Download link at the end of this article, follow it to download the game. Although this game has high definition graphics, it does not require much space on your computer. This simulator game for Windows 8 settles for just 37.9 MB.


How to Play Army Transport Truck Simulator on Windows 8 Devices:

This thrilling game can be played on both Windows 8 Computers and Tablets. The gameplay is quite simple but exciting. Take control of the Army Humvee and drive it carefully around the army base. Click on Play to select from different levels.


This simulator game for Windows 8 has 6 exhilarating levels. Level 1 is unlocked when you begin to play the game. Clear Level 1 to unlock level 2, so on so forth. The missions are different in different levels, also the levels get difficult as you move to the advanced levels.


Level 1 begins with a mission to pick up your Commander in your Humvee, and drop him to the Rally Point. Drive through the army base, but be really careful. If you hit the truck, it gets damaged. Look for the damage in the blue damage meter. Watch out for the land mines, and dodge them while you drive. Arrive at the rescue point to transfer your Commander from the Humvee to the helicopter.


Controls are simple. For computers, use the mouse to control the acceleration, brake, and reverse buttons on the right bottom corner of the screen. Use WASD Keys to turn the vehicle. For Tablets, tap on the brake, accelerator, and reverse. Drag and rotate the steering to turn.


The Game screen of this simulator game for Windows 8 displays the Humvee’s heath level, current speed, and distance from the target. One of the options is to Pause, and the other option on the upper right corner is to change the camera angle view. Toggle between normal view, and Bird Eye view.

Final Verdict:

This action packed simulator game for Windows 8 is really fun to play. Its extreme graphic gives a real experience of battlefield, and the sound effects are good as well. This game is worth a download on your Windows 8 computer, if you like vehicular and warfare games.

Download Army Transport Truck Simulator for Windows 8 and 8.1.