Free Multiplayer Shooting Game for Windows 8: Armada Modern Tanks

Armada Modern Tanks is a Free Multiplayer Shooting Game for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Computers. The game comes with high definition graphics and is a good time killer. Download the game and enter the battlefield, select your own tank and battle online against thousands of players across the world. Upgrade your tank to make it stronger, increase its firepower, and decorate it with different skins and decals. Destroy as many tanks as you can and earn points. Get ready for an exciting 3D adventure in the world of online tank shooting game.

The battle is not so easy as the enemies can attack you from anywhere. Beware!

Note: You should have a high-speed internet connection to play this shooting game.

How to install this free Multiplayer Shooting Game for Windows 8:

This great time-killer 3D Tank Shooting Game is very easy to install on your computer. To get this game, what you have to do is click on the link given at the end of this article. The link will redirect you to the Microsoft Store’s page from where you can install it easily. At the Microsoft Store’s page of this game, just click on the Install button and let Windows install this app on your system automatically. You can also search this multiplayer shooting game directly from the Microsoft Store simply by entering the name – Armada Modern Tanks.

How to Play Armada Modern Tanks on Windows 8:

This 3D Shooting Game for Windows 8 is easy to play. You just have to remember the keys to control your tank. You can control the movement of your tank either by Arrow Keys or by WASD Keys, while on the other hand, you can shoot Ammunition by pressing the Spacebar. Let’s understand the function of each key:

A number of tanks are available along with different skins and war maps. At the beginning, you will get a tank without any upgrade and with the default skin. However, you can unlock more tanks, skins, and battlefields as you play this multiplayer shooting game and score points.  Let’s know more about the game. As you start the game, you have to first select the server, then enter your name to play the game. The main screen of the game displays game settings, the name you have entered, the number of coins you currently have and more.

On clicking the Battle button, you will enter the Battlefield.

You can select a number of tanks from the list available in Hanger Option of the game.

For upgrading your tank, click on upgrades button at the main screen.

Select the skin you like the most from a variety of skins available in the Camouflage option. Moreover, if you want to decorate your tank with decals, click on the Decals button.

Choose the map for battle from the list of maps.

You can change your name, language of the game, server, graphics, and more in the setting menu of the game.

This online multiplayer shooting game for Windows 8 lets you battle with random players from all across the world. Each match continues for 5 minutes, and within these 5 minutes, you have to destroy as many tanks as you can. Keep in mind that you have to protect yourself as well, so keep moving and keep destroying your enemies. After each match, a rank table is displayed with the Player’s name, rank, kills, etc.

Have a look at the features of this multiplayer shooting game for Windows 8:

  • High-Definition 3D game.
  • Huge collections of maps.
  • You can select your favorite tank from the list of tanks available.
  • Complete daily combats to get coins & use them to buy upgrades.
  • Huge collections of the tank’s skins and decals.
  • Two types of game modes are available: Team or Free-for-all.


This free shooting tank battle 3D game is a great time-killer and addictive game. Its high-definition graphics and sound effects will bring alive your gaming adventure and keeps you busy throughout the day.

Download Armada Tank Battle for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.