Free Racing Game for Windows 8: Route Z

Route Z is a free Racing Game for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. Developed by, this is a thrilling, one of a kind racing game with Zombies in it. It’s apocalypse, the zombies are on a lose, and you have to make your way out of it in your Armored car. Hit the gas, and make a run for as long as you can.

Racing Game for Windows 8

How to Install Route Z for Windows 8 Devices:

With a size of 60.1 MB, this racing game for Windows 8 does not occupies much space on your computer. Search for Route Z on the Windows App Store to install it. You may also follow the download link mentioned below. Click on Install to automatically download and install the game.

Racing Game for Windows 8

How to Play Route Z on Windows 8 Devices:

This adventurous new game is pretty simple to play. Make a way out of the zombies, and travel in your car for as long as you can. Either your fuel will run out, or your vehicle will destroy. The gameplay is simple but really exhilarating. Racing Game for Windows 8

Enter the game to select your vehicle. The car named Junker is unlocked by default on this game. You can upgrade your car in the selection window. Upgrade the fuel, armor, engine, and weapons in the car selection window. Click Drive to  select the levels.

Racing Game for Windows 8

Select from one of the three levels. The first level is unlocked by default. Other levels can be unlocked with the help of coins. Earn coins while you play the game.

Racing Game for Windows 8

A machine gun is installed on the car. The machine gun stays there for a limited amount of time. When the game begins, you may see Zombies on the road, smash those zombies and make your way through. In this racing game for Windows 8, apart from zombies, you will also find different obstacles like cars, and dividers laying around. Avoid collision with them to avoid damage. You will find different types of zombies, that may damage your car. One of the zombies will try to jump on your car’s side, while others will collide head on.

Racing Game for Windows 8

After each race, you get stats for your run. This racing game for Windows 8 shows stats like distance, kills, and combos. There are different levels that you can reach. These levels can be reached by accomplishing different missions. The missions in this racing game for Windows 8 can be completed by playing the game again and again.

Our Verdict:

Jump into the seat, fasten your seat belt, because once you start playing this racing game for Windows 8, you are not going anywhere. This addictive game can be played multiple times, without even stopping. The controls are simple and the game builds up excellently. Collect coins, kill zombies, and let there be mayhem.

Download Route Z for Windows 8 and 8.1.