Free Puzzle Game for Windows 8: Hangman Pro

Hangman Pro is a free puzzle game that is based on the classic game of word guessing for your Windows 8 and 8.1 computer. Everyone has grew up playing the classic game on the paper mostly, but some of us did play it on the computer or on some other platform.

Hangman is a multiplayer game, where you and your partner play the game on turn basis. The game has a strategy of guessing the vowels first as every word has them. The other common alphabets include t, n, s, h, r, d and l. If the word has none of these or they have already been said then you can start with the other alphabets or numbers.

Puzzle Game

It is time to bring back the memories of playing Hangman and word guessing with Hangman Pro. The game is really good for increasing both vocabulary and knowledge about different places, things, etc.

The game has one player and two player modes, where you can choose either you will play alone or your friend or some other person will be accompanying you. Before starting the game, you can add your name and/or your friends name. If you select two player mode, then you can also choose how many rounds of game you want to play with the player. The menu on the left has categories starting with the difficulty level and category in which genre you want to play namely phrases, animals, geography, food, SAT, TOEFL, GRE or mystery.

Free Puzzle Game

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The interface of the puzzle game is designed very interestingly. It has a green board and chalk feel on it. The menu options are nicely defined as well. The computer starts drawing the man, if you have any wrong alphabet chosen. With each wrong alphabet, the head, body, arms and legs of the man keep on drawing and the wrong alphabet gets a patch of red texture over it.

Get Hangman Pro.