Free Photo Editor for Windows 8 and 8.1: Live App

Live App is a free Windows 8 and 8.1 application used for editing picture and images. Unlike other photo editing apps, this app is very simple to use. With this app it takes a  few seconds to edit the pictures. This app consists of different kind of filter which enable the user to edit the photo to his wish.

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How to Install Live App on your Window Devices:

This app is free of cost and is easily available on Window App store. You can find this app in utility or photo section of apps or you can simply search this app from the Windows app search bar. Once the Live App installation window appears on the screen, click on the Install  button and it will automatically install. The app is very small in size and need only 1.5 Mb of the system’s disc space. The app uses Windows 8 platform and can be installed on Windows phones and tablets also.

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How to Edit Picture Using this App :

Once the app is installed, you can open tshis app from the app icon in the start menu of your Windows 8 system. You can either drag and drop the photo or you can manually open from the window shown.

Live App

Once you select and open the desired image, you will find different image filters under it. You can choose any of the filter of your choice and edit the image. The application feature more than 20 filters. Which includes Appetite, Fascination, Craze and Motive you can find more filter on clicking the respective option.

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Once you select the filter of your choice, click on the apply option to apply the changes. To save the edited picture you can click on the save option on the same screen, provide the destination to the edited picture and your photo is saved. For Window phones and tablet the process is same as for the PCs.

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Our Verdict :

With so many features like live filter, fast image processing and many more this app makes itself one of the best photo editors in the store and can be worth downloading. The main feature of this app is inspite of being a light sized app, the image quality of the edited picture remains the same as the original one. To download this app click on Live App. So, edit the photo and enjoy the colors.