Free Photo Editing App For Windows 8: PixAnimator

PixAnimator is a free photo editing app that is developed by Moonlighting for Windows 8 and 8.1 PC. The app can turn your unedited photographs and images into interesting animated images or videos.  It can create amazing loop videos from your added photograph easily. The photograph in this photo editing app can be uploaded from your local drive or from social networks.


There are many filters in PixAnimator that you can apply to your photograph. These filters include intense blast, heart balloons, cosmic rays, mirror ball, spiral galaxy, astral flow, earth, rubix cube and valentine hearts. There are settings for the filters that can be applied to the photograph you have uploaded. These settings are zoom out, zoom in, rotate counterclockwise, rotate clockwise, compositions like vividlight, xor, substract, transparency, phoenix, reflect, screen, softlight, etc. You can add text to the animation you are creating in this app.


New filters can be purchased and downloaded by clicking on them from the New Additions list. You can browse the creations of the other users as well from the side tiles under User’s Creations column. There are more filters available in the categories Features and Popular. Other than these you can browse more categories like brightness, world, temperature, movement, material, shape, speed, celebration, color, etc.

Free Photo Editing App

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Before creating video, you can go through different settings like changing the length or the size of the video. Adding audio to it from the inbuilt list of free audios on it. You can preview the video before saving it to the local drive. The output format supported for the created videos is MP4. You can submit the created video to the User’s Creation section as well.

Download PixAnimator.