Free Photo Collage Maker for Windows 8: Phototastic

Phototastic is a free photo collage maker for your Windows 8 and 8.1 desktop with many impressive features. Creating photo collage for different purposes has become a trend today, photo collage are good as gifts, to be created and hung in the house, to upload on your social platforms, and so many more uses of photo collage are there.

The photo collage app, Phototastic starts with a beautiful logo on the screen. The dashboard comprises of big and small tiles for Collages, Shop, Photos and Camera; also with large text buttons for Last Created and Create your first Collage.

Free Photo Collage Maker

In Phototastic, you can make a photo collage with up to 4 images. The templates are available to you when you click on Collage or or Create your first Collage. When you click on a frame of the template, you can see options for uploading images or photos like photo, camera, Flickr and color. Phototastic has many editing options and has a large variety of elements to be added or modified in the photo collage. On the left side menu, you will find menu options for the template like Layout, Size, Add and Left & Right arrows

On the right side menu, options or settings include Border to adjust border details of the template; Photo Shape includes the cropping style of the photo collage like star, heart, circle, oval, bubble, flower, etc.; Text to add text on the photo collage, change its font and color; frame for adding frame to the photo collage; Background to add background pattern; Shadow to add shadow effect to the photo collage; Stickers to add different stickers on the photo collage and Save to save the created photo collage in different formats or share it online on your social networking profile like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Free Photo Collage Maker Phototastic

As the app is free but is sponsored by its advertisers, so it shows small or big advertisements for other apps from Windows Store on the top of the screen of Phototastic. You can remove the ads by purchasing the full app. The upgrade also unlocks features like collage templates, use up to 25 photos, love theme, letter masks, HD Quality and All backgrounds.

Download Phototastic.