Free Music Discovery App for Windows 8: Shazam

Shazam is a free, fast and easy way to find music, TV and ads. It is developed by Shazam Entertainment Limited to help music lovers find the tune they are listening to with Shazam app. It is designed for Windows 8 and 8.1, which helps its users identify the music from a song, TV or any commercial.

Shazam is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Main features of Shazam for Windows 8 and 8.1:

It has a beautiful and sleek user-interface. The search button is large with an S; click on it when you hear the music play somewhere. It detects the music with the help of your computer’s microphone and after detecting the music it searches for the song that it can be. If Shazam is unable to detect the music played due to some errors like the music played was interrupted by other environmental noises or the volume of the music was too low, then it will ask you to search for it again. To recognize the music, Shazam requires your internet connection as well.

Shazam Free Music Discovery App

Shazam has been popular for music search all over the world. The app gives very accurate search results based on your music inputs. Shazam app is cross platform app working across all your devices, same as it does on Windows 8 system.

Shazam Free Music Discovery App

It is not only for searching music but after the search result you can buy tracks, watch videos on YouTube, etc. Shazam tells you the name of the track, its artist and the album in which it was featured. In addition to Shazam, there is a paid version in name of Shazam Encore. Shazam Encore has the same features but it also helps you see lyrics using LyricPlay, listen to music you Shazam in Rdio or Spotify, check the artist’s biography and discography, etc.

Shazam free app for Windows
It is also easy to tag a TV show or a commercial easily and fast. The Shazamers in U.S. and U.K. can quickly Shazam the commercial they are watching on their TV or Shazam songs played on their favorite TV show. It will detect the track or the music and will provide you with the same accurate information about it as of the other kind of music.

Shazam is highly recommended app for all the music lovers, wherever they might be residing. Even if you are not such a music lover, then also there is no harm in giving Shazam a try as it costs nothing at all.

Get Shazam.