Free LinkedIn Client For Windows 8: LinkedIn Touch

LinkedIn Touch is a free LinkedIn client app developed for Windows 8 and 8.1 desktop users. The app is a client of LinkedIn and is not related to LinkedIn Inc. in any means. It is developed by TouchMyApps and works well as a LinkedIn client that brings the LinkedIn profile of the user on the desktop.

When you open this LinkedIn app, you will be shown a log in page where you can log in with your existing LinkedIn account. After you have logged in to your LinkedIn account, LinkedIn Touch asks your permission to display quick status and notifications on the lock screen, if you want them then click on Allow otherwise click on Don’t Allow.

LinkedIn Touch

The app starts with a the home screen of your native LinkedIn profile. The app has a sidebar on the left of the screen. There are various buttons that are related to the LinkedIn account such as search, home, news, profile, contacts, jobs, companies, groups and feedback.

If you will click on any of the button on the left sidebar, you will be taken to the page corresponding to that button. The pages of LinkedIn load fast and switching from one page to another is easy and is not a problem. All the pages are directly synced from LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Client App

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The app does not have any native user interface but works on the interface imported and synced from the LinkedIn accounts. The app lets you do all the things you want to such as editing your profile, visiting groups, making posts, changing background, etc. There are no hurdles in means of browsing and viewing the LinkedIn profile. You work on LinkedIn Touch just like you will work on LinkedIn profile using any internet browser.

Download LinkedIn Touch.