Free Health And Fitness App For Windows 8: Health Mantra

Health Mantra is a free Health And Fitness App for Windows 8 with BMR calculator and meal recipes to suit your calorie requirements. When you install and launch the app, you will be presented with the main interface of the app which allows you to access either the BMR calculator interface or the meal recipes. When you are in the BMR Calculator screen, you can appropriately calculate your BMR and calorie requirements by inputting your height in cm, weight in kg. and the number of workouts that you perform in the day. You can then proceed to find the correct meals for you with the appropriate calories by clicking on the Find Meals button at the bottom of the screen.

Health Mantra can be downloaded for free from the Windows App Store.

Health Mantra main screen

Features of Health Mantra for Windows 8:

When you install and launch Health Mantra on your Windows 8 or your Windows 8.1 device, you will be greeted with an interface which resembles the below screenshot.

Health Mantra main screen

In the above screen, you can either choose to go to the BMR calculator screen by clicking on the Calculate BMR button, or you can go to the Browse meals section where you will be able to access meals that allow you to view picture accompanied recipes with detailed instructions, protein, carb and fat count along with the ingredients needed for the same. When you click on the calculate BMR button, you will be taken to the BMR calculator interface which resembles the below screenshot.

Health Mantra BMR Calculation screen

In the above screen, you will be shown the calculator interface wherein you can calculate your body’s BMR and the calories required for its healthy sustenance. You can calculate the same by inputting your height, weight, age, gender, the workouts that you perform per week etc. in the above screen, and then by pressing the Calculate button at the bottom of the screen. You will now be shown your body’s BMR at the bottom of the screen, and right next to it you’ll be able to see the calorie requirements that you have to meet to remain fit. You can then click on the Find Meals button right next to the calculate button, and you’ll be shown the meals with the appropriate calories that are fit for consumption by you. The meals screen can be seen in the below screenshot.

Health Mantra Meal Browser screen

You can see the meals at the left side of the screen, and when you click on any particular meal, you’ll be able to see the instructions, ingredients, picture, protein, carbs and fat counts at the right side of the screen in a vertically scrollable article like view. This makes for an easy read and allows you to read about these recipes and actually make them due to the ease with which these can be made!

This sums up the main features of the Health Mantra app for Windows 8. You can also check out other fitness apps like Fitness Timer and Active Fitness.


Health Mantra is a decent app that allows you to stay fit by allowing you to calculate your BMR and urging you to make healthy changes in the food that you consume. This is a well designed app, and the recipes in the app are a good bonus. I like the app, and would definitely rate it atleast a 4 out of 5!

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