Free Endless Running Game App for Windows 8: Cave Coaster

Cave Coaster is a running game which is available for free for Windows 8 and 8.1. When you launch the game on your device, you will be presented with an interface which allows you to start the game directly from the main menu itself. The game is pretty lightweight and has amazing graphics. Throughout the game, you ride on a cart over rail tracks, and you have to collect pickups throughout the way while avoiding obstacles at the same time. The game allows you to jump over obstacles via mouse clicks or tapping on the screen, and this is the only control of the game.

The major features of Cave Coaster:

Upon launching the Cave Coaster app, you will be shown the following interface.

Cave Coaster Main screen

The game can be started by simply pressing the Play button at the center of the screen. When you click on the same, you will be presented with an option which allows you to start the game by clicking on the Start button which is shown in the next screen. You can access the settings of the app by clicking on the gear icon at the top left of the screen, and you can also make in game purchases by clicking on the cart icon at the top right of the screen. When you start the game, you will be presented with a nice interface which you can see below.

Cave Coaster gameplay

In the gameplay, your cart (visible at the bottom left in the above screenshot) is constantly moving and picking up speed as time progresses. There are various obstacles like breaks on the bridges, tin cans, falling statue heads etc. which you have to make sure to avoid. You can pause the game at any time via the pause button at the top left of the screen. Once you crash, its game over. The target of the game is to collect as many gem pickups as possible while hitting the maximum distance that you can, thereby achieving a high score. Once the game is over, you will be presented with the game stats screen.

Cave Coaster game results

Clicking on the Next button in the above screen will take you to the achievements screen.

Cave Coaster achievements

And finally you can choose to quit to the main menu, play the game again, or choose to click on the Next button if at all you want to connect the game with your Facebook account.

Cave Coaster post game menu

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The verdict:

Cave Coaster is a pretty nicely designed and well implemented game for Windows 8 and 8.1 which surely allows you to have a lot of fun when you are getting bored, or simply want to while away your time. There is nothing to hate about this absolutely awesome game.

My rating for this game – 5 out of 5!

Get Cave Coaster.