Free Educational App For Windows 8: Learn Rhymes

It is important to have your child access to the audio and visual representation of what rhymes he or she would be learning. It is psychologically correct too that we learn from audio and visual more than compared to any other kind of learning.

Learn Rhymes is a really good educational app for Windows 8 and 8.1 that has selected number of children rhymes like Twinkle, Johny Johny, Clap your hands, If you know it, Jack and Jill, Baa Baa Black sheep, Humpty Dumpty, etc.

Learn Rhymes for Windows

When you open the Learn Rhymes educational app in your Windows 8 desktop, it shows a nice picture to attract the children’s attention. All the rhymes which are included in the app are clearly written in big fonts for easy reading and easy access.

Learn Rhymes has no menus or options, it is just click and play app that even small kids can use without assistance from their parents. When you click on any poem, it takes you to another page and the poem starts playing right from the beginning. There are no pause, play or stop buttons for any kind of action. It only has a back button, to take you to the main page or the start up page of the app.

Easy learning with Learn Rhymes

The sound quality of the poems is really good, they are soft and good to listen to. Children will love listening to the soft audio of the poems along with seeing the related picture of the poem in the background. Although the app lacks the written content on the poem’s background, if the lyrics to the poem were written then it would make the child read what he is reciting.

All the poems in Learn Rhymes app are the basic rhymes that every child is taught when he or she learns to speak or starts going to the school. With this educational app, your child will learn to grasp the poem and its lyrics fast. It will not be a problem for him to know the poem lyrics by heart.

Get Learn Rhymes.