Free Breakout Game for Windows 8: Breakout Ultimate

Breakout Ultimate is a free Breakout game for Windows 8. In this game, you have a paddle at the bottom of the screen, and a pattern of bricks at top of the screen. There will be a ball, that you have to throw at the bricks using the paddle, and break the complete pattern. Whenever the balls falls back, you have to stop that with paddle and bounce it back towards the brick. If you miss to stop the ball with paddle, you lose a life.

This Breakout game for Windows 8 is very good. It comes with multiple levels that you can play. You can control the paddle with keyboard, or mouse, or even both.

Breakout Ultimate - interface

Breakout Game was developed way back in 1976, and continues to be popular till date. It’s a classic game that people of all age groups enjoy. Breakout Ultimate is a Windows 8 Breakout game app that gives a nice twist to the original game. There are lot of pattern of bricks that you have to break and you can literally spend hours playing this game, without getting bored.

How to Play Breakout in Windows 8:

Download Breakout Ultimate game from Games category of Windows 8 store. You can use the link I have given at the end of this review to directly get this game. The download size of this game is just around 8 MB.

When you start this game, you will notice that it shows the screen on which you can play as well as set other options. Let’s start playing first. For that, click on “Play” option.

Breakout Ultimate - Start Screen

This will take you to the screen which will show different levels that are available in the game. Initially, only first level will be unlocked, while all other levels will be locked. As you keep completing the levels, more levels will unlock. The game actually has 60 levels! So, you can play this game for quite a long time.Breakout Ultimate - Levels

Click on the first unlocked level to start the game. It will show a nice pattern made of bricks, as well as a paddle at the bottom. Now, you can control the paddle with mouse as well as keyboard. The best part is that you don’t have to make a choice that what do you want to use to control the paddle; you can use both at the same time. If you are using keyboard, then use arrow keys to move the paddle and use spacebar to launch the ball. If you are using mouse, just move the mouse to move the paddle, and use mouse click to launch the ball.

The gameplay is same as the gameplay of classic Breakout game: use paddle to throw the ball towards the pattern of the bricks and break them.

Breakout Ultimate - first level with some damage done

The game gives you 4 Lives. Once you lose all of them, game ends for you. You can’t continue the level from where you left off; you will have to start that level all over again.

Once you complete a level, the next level will be unlocked, and you can enjoy that.

Breakout Ultimate - Second level

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Options In Breakout Ultimate Game for Windows 8:

Now let’s get back to some of the settings that are available in this app:

Breakout Ultimate - option screen

You can control the difficult of the game using the slider.

You can enable or disable Music themes. Music Themes basically play songs in the background. You can’t choose which songs to play. I prefer to keep it turned off, as I would rather play my own songs from my media player.

You can enable or disable Sound Effects. This is something I prefer to keep turned on. You get nice sound effects when ball hits the bricks or paddles. Adds to realistic nature of the game.

If you want to play Breakout in older versions of Windows, you can try DX-Ball.

My Opinion about Breakout Ultimate Game for Windows 8:

Playing this game brought the old memories back. I had lot of fun playing this game. The game runs flawlessly, the paddle moves smoothly, and the fact you can control paddle with both mouse as well as keyboard is an added advantage. The best feature, of course, is that the game gives you 60 levels! This means that when you complete a level, you know you have something to look forward to in form of next level, which is gonna be even more interesting.

If you have any interest in Breakout games, do try this app for Windows 8. And if you don’t have any interest, then try out this app, and see what have you been missing.

Get Breakout Ultimate for Windows 8 here.