Free Adventure Game For Windows 8: Titans Tower

Titans Tower is a free adventure game for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. This game is a story about a small creature trapped at the basement of a never ending tower. The tower is full with deadly traps and obstacles, and to add suspense, its very dark in there. You have to help the creature get out of the Titan’s tower by climbing its way out. You will find many helping aids to get you out but the dangers are far more worst in this adventure game for Windows 8. Lets know more about this game.


How To Install Titans Tower on Windows 8 Devices:

This is a small adventure game for Windows 8 which captures just 6 Mb of space on your PC. Get it on Microsoft store for free. Click on the link available below to find it on Microsoft store or you can manually search for it using its name. Click Install when you reach the installation page to automatically download and install it.


How To Play Titans Tower on Windows 8 Devices:

Begin playing this endless runner game for Windows 8 by clicking on the play button on the home page. All you need to do is click your mouse to control the player. If you are on a touchscreen device, a tap on the screen controls the game. The gameplay is simple, tap to jump to a side of a wall, and then tap again when you have to jump to another side of the wall while climbing up.



Jumps can be made to collect coins and also to dodge obstacles. The obstacles are present in the form of balconies, holes, and spikes. Avoid the obstacles to save your life.


Along with coins, you will also find bonus energies in the tower of this adventure game for Windows 8. These energies help you collect all coins in the vicinity or makes you powerful for sometimes, that you can dodge all obstacles just by hitting them. But, be aware when the energy ends, because as soon as the energy depletes, you die once you hit obstacle.


Make highscore and challenge your friends to beat your score in this adventure game for Windows 8.

The Final Verdict..

This adventure game for Windows 8 is an endless runner game which is fun to play with nice visual graphics and sound effects. This game can be pretty entertaining if you are bored.

Download Titans Tower for Windows 8 and 8.1 devices now.