Free Adventure Game For Windows 8: Stop The Robots

Stop The Robots is a free adventure game for Windows 8 computers. Developed and published by Ludus Studios, this game provides some good adventure along with awesome graphics and game play. Robots have invaded the world, and are on to infiltrate the untouched areas. Defend your territory and do not let the robots in. They keep coming but be really careful to protect your area. This free adventure game for Windows 8 lets you gather a team to protect your territory in a better way. The difficulty will increase, so will your weapon power.

adventure game for Windows 8

How To Install Stop The Robots on Windows 8:

This is a 25.2 MB adventure game for Windows 8. You can get this game from Windows Store, or click on the link at the end of this article. Click on the Install option on the game’s page to automatically download and install Stop The Robots.

adventure game for Windows 8

How To Play Stop The Robots on Windows 8 Devices:

This adventure game for Windows 8 is fun and difficult to play at the same time. Well, all you need is to aim at the targets and click towards them as they appear. The character shoots catapult and damages robots to finally break them down. Click on the START button to begin playing this game.

adventure game for Windows 8

You can play this adventure game for Windows 8 in 3 different difficulty levels: Iron, Steel, and Titanium. Only Iron is accessible as you begin playing this game. Play more to unlock other levels, click on a level to move further.

adventure game for Windows 8

You can choose various characters to play this game with. The first character is unlocked for you by default. See the above picture, you can view other grayed out characters.


You can hire a new team members by paying with stars. You earn stars as you win through various levels. Click on Go to begin playing this adventure game for Windows 8.

adventure game for Windows 8

The robots appear and begin to damage the wall of your territory. Simply click on the robots to fire at them. The green life bar displays the strength left of walls, while the blue bar displays the troop capacity of the robots. Which ever gets depleted first looses.

adventure game for Windows 8

When you win a level in this game, you are awarded with stars and caps. Collect the stars and caps to hire team and upgrade weapons. This adventure game is fun to play and there are a plenty of upgrades also available which makes the game even more interesting.

Final Verdict:

This adventure game for Windows 8 promises excellent game play with amazing sound effects. You will stay glued to this game once you begin playing it.

Download Stop The Robots for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers.