Free Action Game for Windows 8 and 8.1: Last Of The Survivors

Last of the survivors is a free action game available for Window 8 and 8.1 users. The theme of the game revolves around one of the few survivor of Zombie Apocalypse. You have to save the survivor from the zombies and help him to reach the next level. The game is developed by Solid Rock Games. This game is really simple and very easy to understand.

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How to Install Last of the Survivors on your Windows 8 Devices:

You can find this game easily in Windows 8 App Store. Either you can directly search this game from the search bar or you can find this game from list of top trending games. Once the installation window appears click on Install. The game is not so heavy and only requires 20 MB of free space in your Windows device.


How to Play Last of the Survivors on Windows 8:

Once installation is done, go to start menu and click on the game icon. Now click on play on the game home screen. Once you choose to play, the game will ask for the difficulty level of the game play. Choose the level and proceed.

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For PCs, the control of the game is very simple. Use right/ left arrow key to move the soldier. You can either use Space bar or left mouse click to make the survivor jump and survive the obstacles. You will also get weapons to kill the zombies. The survivor will automatically kill the zombies in his attack range. You can also switch the weapons, use ‘1’ ‘2’ and ‘3’ keys to switch the weapons. The weapons will appear during the game play at regular interval. Many other help, like bike, will also appear during gameplay.

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Keep the survivor safe from zombie bite and obstacles. Survivor will loose his life point after every zombie bite and will die once he clashes with obstacle. The scoring of the game are in different parts. The XP will increase with the zombie you kill, and the currency will increase with the coins you collect. Get the survivor to the next level safely. The game also provides upgrade of weapons and XP at the given level.

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For Windows based mobiles and tablets, use the arrow key on the screen for movement and tap to jump. Weapons switch can be done by clicking on weapons on the screen.

Our Verdict:

The game is really good and worth download for Windows Device. So help the survivor and kill the zombies.

You can check out this app from here.