Forismatic: Windows 8 Quotes App

Forismatic is a free Windows 8 quotes app where you can motivate yourself by reading various inspirational and motivational quotes. There are many moments in your life when you feel disheartened or lost, then your loved ones or your closed ones always support you with their advice or suggestions.

Well, sometimes they paraphrase some of the well-known poets or authors. Just like “We’ve got to have a dream if we are going to make a dream come true.” These are the words said by The Great Walt Disney. Well, I also didn’t know it earlier, but it’s just because of this little amazing Forismatic app for Windows 8. All the motivational quotes will guide you in your bad times or inspire you when you really need it.


This is the simple kind of interface of Forismatic Windows 8 app. Just click on the online quotes and you’ll get a new online quote every time you click on the screen. You can copy it by clicking on the copy & insert button, and then can easily insert into any paragraph you want. There is also a Relax Mode, just click on it and sit back, a chain of eloquent online quotes will automatically appears in front of your eyes within a regular time interval.

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In addition, over this Windows 8 quotes app, you can also read the bio of that famous person who have inspired you in his or her own way, by simply clicking on ‘Author on Wiki’. And it will go through your default browser to Wikipedia, so that you can easily read some more about that great person.

In short, Forismatic is a good self motivating app for Windows 8 available under the ‘Books & Reference’ category of Windows 8 store. Go ahead and inspire your friends or yourselves. Its kind of nice.