eWallet: Windows 8 Password Storage App

eWallet is a free Windows 8 password storage app that lets you store passwords, PINs, Usernames, Card numbers, or any personal account information, thereby keeping them secure.

eWallet can be used to store and protect almost all your personal and highly confidential information. You can store information related to your credit cards, license cards, your email accounts and the like. This Windows 8 app can reduce the need of memorizing important information or writing down to a piece of paper. The space taken up by this Windows 8 password storage app is comparatively negligible.


You can either create a new eWallet account or open any pre-created eWallet account. When you open any previously created eWallet, it asks for a password.


Creating a new personal wallet does not involve any fractious procedures. You just need to enter a name for your wallet account and a password for it, entering a password hint only helps you in remembering the password and not recovering it. You can also set the desired location for your wallet.


After creating “My Wallet”, you can then proceed to add information that you would like to store in the card. This can be done by creating a specific card as per your requirements. You can create different categories and add new cards to it as per the category. To create a new category or a new card, you just need to right-click your mouse and choose from the options.


After creating the card, click on edit to add information to it. Different card types require different types of information to be entered. After entering the details, it will automatically save the card. If there is any field name or any particular field that does not suit the card, you can change it.

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Personally, I found eWallet very useful, but it has its pros and cons. The best part about eWallet is that the password security provided is quite strong and it is difficult to break the password. However, one thing I did not like about this Windows 8 password storage app is that it does not supports password recovery. Now, if by any chance you forget your password, you won’t be able to recover it, unless you figure out a way to remember it.

This can make you lose you all your details. But since the app is new, it might be possible that future updates in Windows 8 to eWallet support password recovery. A must Windows 8 app eWallet available in the “Productivity” category of Windows 8 store. Else you can search for the app directly. Learn how to search an app in Windows 8 store.