Endless Game For Windows 8: The Temple

The Temple is a free endless Windows 8 game app. In the game, you have to touch and hold the screen to erect a stick which is just long enough to fall onto the next platform in front of you. If the stick is too short or too long, when the stick falls over, the man will walk over the stick and fall into the gap between the platforms, leading to the game getting over. The relatively simple controls of the game are pretty hard to master.

All about ‘The Temple’ and its main features:

The main screen of the game which has just the Play button located on it can be seen below.

The Temple Main Screen

When you click on the Play button, a brief prompt will pop up on the screen explaining to you the controls of the game.

The Temple Controls

When you left click and hold the mouse button (or touch and hold the screen), upon releasing the keypress or touch, the stick will fall onto the next obstacle and the man will walk over to the next obstacle. The stick will grow only for as long as you touch and hold or click and hold. The stick can be seen growing below.

The Temple stick growing

Once it has grown, the stick will fall on the next platform and the man will start walking on it.

The Temple gameplay

If the stick is too short or too long, the man will fall into the gap between platforms and it’s game over.

The Temple game over

This is one of the games where it’s easy to grasp the controls but insanely hard to get a high score. Overall this is a pretty fun game to have and play on your device.

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The verdict:

The Temple is a nice game which makes for a good download on devices running Windows 8 or 8.1. You can grab it from the link below.

Get The Temple.