Drive Bike And Have Fun In This Windows 8 Doodle Game: Doodle Biker

Doodle Biker is a free Windows 8 Doodle Game app. In this game, you have to play as a doodle biker. Drive around in the doodle maps using the bike you are provided with. Your main aim is to reach the end of each level as early as possible. On your way, enemy helicopters would arrive and would try to stop you.

The game has 20 levels to play. It has pretty cool ragdoll physics based effects which are quite impressive. It uses easy controls.

Doodle Biker is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Doodle Biker

Playing this Windows 8 Doodle Game

The game is pretty impressive, whether you talk about its effects  or about its game play. From the first screen which comes, you can choose the option to begin the game .

Doodle Biker- Start Screen

The game has a total of 20 levels. As you use the option to begin the game, all the levels would be shown to you. You will start from the first level when you begin for the first time, but later can choose any of the level which you have completed.

Let me tell you more about the game:

Game play

The game play is quite easy. You (as the doodle biker), have to drive the bike you are provided with. Your aim is to reach the end of each level as early as possible. The time you take will be your score, and would be shown on the top left side of the game’s screen throughout the game. As your level loads, your time start. On your way, enemy helicopters would come and would try to end your game. Avoid them to keep playing.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the way through which you drive is also not even. You have to keep away from the ditches, and have to carefully drive through the steeps and curves that lie in the way.

On the completion of a level, the time taken to complete it will be shown as your score, and you have to try to complete the level in the minimum time so as to score more.


The controls of the game are pretty much easy. You can use the arrow keys of your keyboard to play. For touch-enabled devices, you can tap the left and right side of the game area to move forward and backward, and can tilt your device to lean.

Doodle Biker- Game

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My Final Verdict

Doodle Biker is quite an entertaining and fun-filled game. This Windows 8 Doodle game will surely keep you engaged for long hours. The controls of the game are quite easy. You have to compete against yourself, and have to try to beat your own time. Give it a try for sure!

Get Doodle Biker here!