Drive Around In This Windows 8 Driving Game: Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a Physics based Windows 8 Driving Game. In this game, your main objective is to drive as Newton Bill (an aspiring Uphill racer) and conquer new places with your awesome driving Skills. There are 14 stages available in this Windows 8 Driving Game. You can choose from 14 different vehicles like jeep, bike, truck, jeep, hovercraft, tractor, and others. On your way, you get to collect coins and Fuel. Apart from that, you can perform awesome stunts here, and for that you can earn some extra coins. There are two things that you have to keep in mind while you are playing this Windows 8 Driving Game, that is, Newton’s stout neck breaks very easily and his vehicles run out on fuel very easily.

This game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Hill Climb Racing

Let’s get you an idea of Hill Climb Racing

Drive your way through this Windows 8 Driving Game

To drive your vehicle you use the arrow keys  or the controls that are available on screen by using your mouse.


As you start the game, firstly you would be asked to choose your vehicle to drive. By default, only a jeep will be enabled at the starting. You can drive it to earn more and enable other vehicles that are available here. There are vehicles like tank, hovercraft, tractor, and many others that are available for you to drive. In order to select the vehicle first click on the  vehicle and drag it to the right or left side to see the other available vehicles. The vehicles would be displayed here along with the number of coins you need to enable them

Hill Climb Racing- Start Screen

Select your vehicle and click next and the stages that are available for you will appear. Now, here also only the Countryside is enabled and to enable others you have to drive your way and earn coins. Apart from that the other  levels are arctic, moon, etc. After you have chosen your vehicle and stage this Windows 8 Driving game will finally take you to screen on which after hitting Start you can finally start the game.

Hill Climb Racing- Upgrade your vehicle and start

From this page, you can upgrade your vehicle’s parts like Engine, Suspension, and others by paying some coins that you have earned during this Windows 8  Driving Game. After each time you die, or whenever you start a new game, this Windows 8 Driving Game will show you this option to upgrade.

After this you can start driving in Hill Climb Racing. As you drive, your fuel, the distance you have driven and the distance you have to drive to enable next level and the coins that you have collected will be displayed on upper left corner.

Hill Climb Racing- Game Play

When you have achieved a high score and want to upgrade your vehicle you can get to the vehicle selecting screen and get to that vehicle and can enable it. The required amount of coins will be deduced from your coin count and that vehicle would be enabled.

Pause it anytime

This Windows 8 Driving Game even give you the independence to pause your game anytime. For that, you can use the Pause button that is available on the upper right corner.

Hill Climb Racing- Pause

All your achieved score will be stored and you can continue later.

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Key Features of Hill Climb Racing

  • Freely available.
  • Use 14 different vehicles to drive.
  • Choose from 14 stages to play.
  • Nice Interface.
  • This Windows 8 Driving Game use Graphics that are suitable for both High and Low Resolution Devices.
  • Share your score with others using Windows 8 Share Charm.
  • Ability to pause the game.

My Verdict

I would say that the game is quite nice. It uses good quality graphics that have support for high as well as low resolution devices. Availability of different vehicles like tanks and hovercraft make it even more addictive. Try it for sure and share your experience with us.

Get Hill Climb Racing  here.