Download VLC Media Player In Windows 8

Excitingly trying every popular Software over Windows 8 to check how fine does it work. This time I am up to with the most popular open source Media Player, VLC. You can easily play both video and audio files in any format over this free multimedia player. The good part is that in case the file is in a slightly bad condition, VLC plays it really well.

Installing VLC Media Player in Windows 8 is as simple and straight-forward as it is to install it in any other Operating system like Windows 7, XP, or others.

But, before I jump down to its installation process, let me quickly introduce you with the features of this free media player. Pointing down the features will make it easier for you to get familiar with the software. Yea..Yea I know you are already aware about its features, but still…quickly!

Features of this VLC Media Player:

  • Plays media files in almost all the formats
  • Plays DVD, VCD, Audio CD
  • Portable media player
  • Stream radio to play

VLC media player001

How To Download VLC Media Player In Windows 8:

  1. Go onto the link.
  2. Click on “Download VLC”
  3. Click on the downloaded setup to install it

Yup…there you are. Start playing your favorite media files.

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In short, VLC media player is an excellent multimedia files player tool for playing all types of media formats. Go ahead and install VLC media player in Windows 8 now.